CA SGBS stands for “communauté d’agglomération Saint Germain Boucles de Seine », which can be loosely translated as « Saint Germain Seine Valley ». It was born in 2016 as an association of 20 towns that takes its name from the historical city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the meanders of the Seine River crossing the territory from north to east.

Located between 10 and 25km west of Paris and well connected by means of transport, the territory has a population of 330,000 and 100,000 jobs. It is a favorite destination for high value-added companies and subsidiaries of international groups, thanks to its preserved environment and wide choice of international schools.

plaineFast facts

Total area : 142 km² / 55 sq miles of which 46% covered by forests, fields or other natural spaces
Population : 330,000
Working population : 164,400
22,300 private sector businesses


RTEmagic C fotolia 118207732 02 pop jeuneA young and highly educated population

Our population is slightly younger than average if compared to continental France and even Paris region (Ile-de-France). It is markedly more educated with almost half of the population graduating from university or higher education schools compared to about a quarter in average in France.

Pepiniere bezons pole meca 200x150An entrepreneurial spirit

The ratio of companies created annually per thousand of inhabitants exceeds 9.6 in our territory, and that compares favorably with Yvelines district (8.7) and continental France (8.0).
There are four business incubators located in Bezons, Louveciennes, Montesson and Sartrouville, in addition to numerous business centers. Whatever the size of your meeting or convention, you will be able to find a suitable location, in a pleasant setting.

lycee  200x150An international spirit

Our territory is renowned for the quality of its education system and its international mindset. Many private or state-owned establishments offer international schooling, from bilingual classes to fully bi-cultural education that cater to the needs of the international students.
We have come up with a full list that we hope you will find useful : CLICK HERE to download it

Here is also the map with the location of the schools mentioned in the list : CLICK HERE for the map

Here are some direct links to just a few of our many international schools :

The British School of Paris (Croissy-sur-Seine)

The Lycée International (state-owned / Saint-Germain-en-Laye)
Unique in Europe, with bicultural education available in: Danish, Dutch, English (American or British sections), German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. http://www.ecole-internationale.ac-versailles.fr/

Ecole bilingue Suger, in partnership with British Council
Bicultural education half-time in French, half-time in English, from kindergarten to middle school levels, including IGCSE exams. High school levels opening gradually, OIB available by 2022.
Classes held in small groups, open to non-French or non-English speakers.

L’Ermitage (Maisons-Laffitte)

We Love Mômes in Carrières-sur-Seine (2 stops from La Défense), Bilingual English/French + 1 hour of Mandarin per week, Montessori school welcoming children from age 2 to 6 in September 2019, and 2 to 12 in September 2020. http://www.welovemomes.org/

École Holisée à Saint-Germain-en-Laye : opening in September 2020 with a single class of 18 pupils, aged 4 to 8. Alternative teaching methods. Main language is French although one teacher is an English native speaker. Located in large, green campus shared with hi-tech companies (Campus iXblue). https://www.ecole-holisee.fr

environnement preserve 200x150A greener environment

Although it is very close to Paris’ densely populated areas, 60% of our territory’s area is classified as open space: our residents enjoy a vast array of outdoor activities thanks to a large number of forests and natural areas. Saint-Germain’s forest is by itself covers an area larger than Lille, France’s tenth largest city.
Farmers are still active in our plains and there is always a possibility to buy directly from producers, by visiting farms or purchasing at the nearest open-air market.

160927 IAU bezons bus tram large vignetteTransport information

15 railway stations and one tram terminus:

  • RER A
  • SNCF « L » et « J » lines
  • Tramway T2

Future developments :



Road network :

Major roads and highways: A13, A14, N13, N184, N186

Bus network : 70 bus lines including 2 express lines

Waterway transport: strategic location on Paris-Normandy axis along the Seine

River, right in between Genevilliers river port and that of Port Seine Métropole

Ouest (in project). www.port-seine-metropole-ouest.fr

financement 200x150Tax information


Territorial corporate taxes

Corporate taxes account for about half of our territory’s fiscal resources. The funds received by CA SGBS originate from three kinds of corporate taxes that are collected by the French tax authorities and redistributed fully or partially to our territory. Those taxes are called CFE, CVAE and TEOM: read more on each one below.
CFE stands for « Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises », it is a tax based roughly on the value of your company’s premises. A minimum amount applies according to the turnover generated.
Thus there are two ways of calculating it :
Either CFE = rental value x CFE rate or CFE = minimum rental value x CFE rate
Rates and minimal rental values vary from town to town for historical reasons, but they are evolving progressively to a common rate of 22,91%.
For inquiries regarding the rental value of your premises, you need to inquire at the local tax authority.
Re minimal rental values, they are also being harmonized and the target amounts will be as follows :


Turnover (VAT excluded)Minimum rental valueMinimum CFE amount
10 000 € or less494€113€
More than 10 000 € up to 32 600 €976€224€
More than 32 600€ up to 100 000€1 595€365€
More than 100 000€, up to 250 000€2 500€572€
More than 250 000€, up to 500 000€2 973€681€
Over 500 000€3 348€767€



New company ?
If you have just created your company, you won’t have to pay CFE the first year, and only 50% will be due the second year.

CVAE is the second component of the corporate tax allocated to our territory, that will vary according to the company’s turnover and the added value created. CA SGBS has no influence on its rate and conditions as it is decided on at the national level.
This tax is due only if your turnover is above 500 000€ (without VAT), although a declaration must be sent to tax authorities if the yearly turnover exceeds 152 500€ (without VAT).


• TEOM is a tax levied on both companies and individuals that contributes to a lesser amount to CASGBS’ budget.
• It is based on the theoretical rental value of the premises. The landlord will usually pay it and will ask the tenant for refund.
• It is calculated by applying a certain rate to half the rental value. The rate varies depending on the town in which you are located, ranging from 4,35% to 8,05%, the average rate being 5,43% as of 2016.

General information on tax and benefits

France is well known around the world for its quality of life and tourism hot spots, but it is also the 5th largest economy in the world, with a large domestic market and a strategic position in the heart of Europe and Euro zone. It also has a reputation for high taxes, red tape and working less hours than the rest of the world. While this reputation was not totally undeserved, a number of improvements have been made in the recent years:

Taxes in France

Taxes in France are numerous and somewhat complex, though any good accountancy firm will sort things out for you. Those taxes cannot be evaluated without putting them in perspective with the benefits of public spending that you as a corporation and your employees will enjoy, as the cost structure will be completely different from what you may know. Moreover there are a number of tax exemptions that are really significant for companies and executives:

Corporate tax

  • Lowered social costs on low salaries
  • A competitive effective tax rate and a nominal rate that is expected to drop to 25% by 2022
  • Tax credit on R&D activities: this unrivalled tax credit applies to all research-related expenses, such as personnel, research subcontracting, patent costs, depreciation… thanks to this measure Paris region is now the 1st region in Europe for R&D activities, in terms of expenditure, workforce and patents.

Personal tax

  • Maximum nominal tax rate 45%  (+4% maximum on very high income) actual tax percentage will be lower.
  • Impatriate tax regime : only 50% of salary subject to income tax for personnel sent to France from overseas, no wealth tax on overseas assets. This special regime lasts eight years and applies to citizens of all nationalities including French nationals, as long as they have not been based in France for the previous five years.


  • Infrastructure : France ranks 8th in the world for the quality of its infrastructure, with special mention to road quality, especially when compared with Germany. High speed rail links, airports, easy access to le Havre port and the central location of our capital makes Paris area a very attractive hub in terms of transportation, both for goods and passengers
  • High quality health coverage : low treatment costs and high quality for your staff and executives sent in from overseas
  • High quality education : you will find locally a highly educated and productive workforce, especially in western Paris area. For your executives coming in from overseas, they will find various solutions to educate their children, high quality education at a very low cost compared to other countries : in our territory, approximate yearly costs range from 3000€ or less to about 18 000€ a year depending on program.

Working hours

  • Since the “35-hour week law” came into effect a number of adjustments have been made. If French employees do enjoy a large number of vacation days, they score consistently higher in hourly productivity in OECD’s studies. White collar workers, in particular, tend to put in more hours than official statistics may record.

Red tape

Red tape can be a hassle in any country. In the last decade France has significantly modernized with fast setup methods and increased digitization of administration. At every level of government we are mobilized to help you cut through red tape :

At a regional level :
« Choose Paris Region » is a one-stop shop agency created by regional authorities, with a team fully dedicated to assisting foreign companies that wish to be located in Paris area. It will not only help you with corporate matters (formalities, labour laws, taxation), it will also assist your employees sent from overseas and their families to settle in (working visas for instance).

At the local level :
Our staff at Saint Germain Seine Valley will assist you in every way. Many of our elected representatives are senior executives and/or former expatriates who can understand your requirements. Whenever required we can put you in touch with local partners such as the Customs Authorities, Chamber of Commerce as well as various business associations.

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